Since 2020, Gerjan Hazelaar has been a contracted consultant for Noubian industrial chemicals in the Netherlands, as and when needed, performing supervision for the plugging, abandonment and removal of salt wells as per local regulations outlined by the local Mines Authorities, at various land locations near Hengelo, the Netherlands.

Supervision of repairs, workovers of salt production wells and surveying of salt-caverns to ensure that salt cavern and production modelling is as planned. While using Hydraulic Work Over units and therefor proving that these units are versatile, cost saving and safe methods to perform clean outs, change-out of completions and repairing casing leaks.

Sometimes this involves the performance of well work in challenging situations with exposure to working in sensitive urban locations, handling of dangerous substances and aged materials. With communication with involved parties and technical explanation to engineering departments of how this comes about deemed important so as not to compromise the client’s future production plans.

This then culminating in the production of detailed, precise reports for all work performed to the well examination agency and the state supervision of mines – the Dutch mining authority.

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