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Debbie Omolo is Cape Crowns Associate Consultant. She is a creative, highly accomplished, dynamic project portfolio and program management professional with 20+ years of extensive experience in program/project planning, execution, and evaluation across diverse industries. Equipped with a record of success in implementing innovative programs that support the successful completion of projects, she is an effective hands-on leader with proven ability to supervise and lead high-performance teams to ensure goal oriented success rates.

A well-qualified consultant with an MBA in Business Administration, Marketing & Communication, a Master’s degree in Gender & Development and a Bachelor’s degree in Design, she combines her creativity, entrepreneurship, communication and innovation with her project management and business administration experience to successfully accomplish projects.

Debbie Omollo

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Program & Training Management – Education


Regions: The Netherlands, Africa, Middle East, the Caribbean, Pacific Islands and Australia

Program administration, public relations, marketing, sales, operations management, recruitment and training management with the aim of making development and humanitarian work more effective.

Achieved through developing and implementing high quality consultancy projects and delivering innovative capacity building solutions to international and humanitarian agencies, Non-governmental organizations and government agencies.

Managing 200 training programs including Post Graduate Diploma in Monitoring & Evaluation, Gender & Development, Grants Management, Water & Sanitation, Conflict Management, Disaster Management, Logistics, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Leadership and Management Courses, Project Management courses among many others.

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Enterprise Development, Training & Education

Contracted by the Branson School of Entrepreneurship,

Regions: South Africa, the UK

Business incubator management and streamlining the BSE platform management in order to achieve better results. The platform aimed to efficiently manage and track project management, capacity building, recruitment, hand-holding, coaching, mentorship, training, gender mainstreaming and education within the graduate enterprise development programme. This ground-breaking project funded by Sir Richard Branson and endorsed by the late former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, aimed to attract, empower and provide funding for university students and graduates with a knack for business, entrepreneurship, innovation and social enterprise and development.

Business Administration – Logistics

Contracted by Hazelaar Doghouse Drilling Inc.

Regions: The Netherlands, Canada & EMEA

Business administration, management, logistics and travel co-ordination between Canada and offshore as well as on shore in the Netherlands, the UK and EMEA with the aim of maximizing profits and ensuring all resources are allocated efficiently to reduce operational costs, while maintaining high quality standards for the delivery of drilling supervision, well services supervision, rig management and operations. The company specializes in oil & gas drilling supervision, salt, water and geothermal well drilling, as well as well abandonment in safely closing non producing wells for environmental safety.

Project Management – Communications and Public Relations

Contracted by Urban Soul

Region: South Africa

Responsible for Public Relations, marketing, communication, events, capacity building, gender mainstreaming, Debbie spearheaded a couple of exciting projects including the artisanal fishing rights advocacy campaign, the launch of Sarah Bartman, Lillian Ngoyi and Victoria Mxenge environmental patrol vessels for the South African marine and coastal management unit, department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, the PR campaign around the building of the Berg River Dam in the Western Cape.

Programme Management – The 50 Million Business Plan Competition

Contracted by Traction South Africa

Region: South Africa

Responsible for project managing a countrywide R50 million PBC (Business Plan Competition) which Successfully positioned the R50 million BPC as the biggest BPC challenge in South Africa and helped launch and expand over 200 businesses, with a gender mainstreaming element that increased female entrant numbers by 60%.

Project Management – Water Hyacinth Enterprise Development Project

Contracted by the Kisumu Innovation Centre

Region: Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania

At a time when the water hyacinth plant was a huge disruption to the fishing communities of the Lake Victoria region, on which 30 million families around East Africa relied on, the disruption was a major case of concern. Something had to be done in an attempt to avert the situation, which was becoming dire, since the water hyacinth is an extremely profilic plant that spreads rapidly. It started with proposal writing, and funding was acquired from the British government. Capacity building for alternative livelihoods utilizing the water hyacinth to produce furniture and accessories, fertilizer, biogas, briquettes etc went into high gear. With a very high gender mainstreaming agenda, a 90% recruitment and enterprise development project was achieved, with 5% being disabled women, who before the project, had no form of livelihood. This was the result of good project management and administration, capacity building, communications, PR, marketing, monitoring & evaluations and stakeholder management.